Available Equipment

  • Mixers, Recorders:
    1x Sound Devices 633 six input compact digital mixer with integrated 10-track recorder and timecode.

    1x Sound Devices Mixpre 6 II mixer/recorder (32bit float capable, 8 channels, 6 inputs, 4 preamps, 2 outputs)

    1x Sound Devices 302 ENG mixer

    1x QSC Touchmix 16 Digital Mixer
  • Wireless:
    2x Sennheiser ew100 wireless mic sets (626-668MHz)

    1x Rode Wireless Go II 2.4GHz 2 channel digital wireless microphone systems (with TX onboard recording capability)

    2x channels Rode Wireless Go 2.4GHz digital wireless microphone systems

    2x Sennheiser EW-D handheld wireless mics
    1x Shure BLX 24R/SM58 handheld wireless mic
  • Timecode:
    4x Tentacle Sync-E timecode boxes
  • Microphones:
    1x Sennheiser MKH 416T shotgun mic
    1x Rode NTG 4+ shotgun mic
    2x Oktava MKH-012 w/cardioid- and hyper cardioid capsules

  • 2x DPA 4061 - omni lavalier mics
    2x VT 506 - omni lavalier mics 
    4x Sennheiser MKE2 - omni lavalier mics
    1x Sennheiser ME2 - omni lavalier mic
    2x Rode Lavalier Go - omni lavalier mics

    1x Shure Beta 52A
    1x Shure Beta 58A
    2x Shure SM 58
    1x Shure 565SD

    2x sE Electronics Dynacaster
    1x sE Electronics V-Kick
    3x sE Electronics V-Beat
    1x sE Electronics V7
    1x sE Electronics V7 Switch
    1x sE Electronics V7X
    2x sE Electronics sE8 (cardioid capsule)
    2x sE Electronics T1 (matched pair)
    1x sE Electronics se2300
    2x sE Electronics 4400a (matched pair)
    2x sE Electronics VR1

    1x AKG Perception 220
  • PA/Speakers:
    2x QSC K12 active speakers
    2x RCF ART 310 A MK IV

    2x JBL Charge 3 bluetooth speakers
  • Booming:
    1x K-Tek Airo boompole (aluminum, 330cm, internally cabled)

    1x carbon fiber back-up boom pole (some shot-up Chinese thing; effective length 2m)

    1x Rycote Superblimp (windbasket) w/shock mount and windjammer

    1x K-Tek Airo shock mount
    1x Boom pole holder (boom buddy)
  • Various Accessories:
    1x Sennheiser HD25 headphones
    1x Anker bluetooth earbuds
    1x Dual bluetooth TX/RX
    1x Radial Pro AV2 (passive stereo DI box)
    1x C-Stand
    Various mic stands
    1x Small sound-/utility cart

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